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Environmental & Veterinary Toxicology

Water Sampling

Environmental toxicology research includes hazardous chemical risk assessment, removal of organic and inorganic pollutants from water, characterization of industrial breakdown products, and chemical and biological degradation of toxic wastes. Scientists in this program have developed strategies for the hazard and risk assessment of chemical waste dumpsites before, during and after remediation. This is accomplished by high-resolution analysis of chemical waste extracts, extensive surveys of dumpsites, and development of specific bioassays for quantitative hazard assessment at selected sites.

Veterinary toxicology studies include the effects and metabolism of plant toxins, pesticides, environmental contaminants and naturally-occurring toxins, drugs and pesticides in wildlife, domestic and laboratory animals.

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Environmental & Veterinary Toxicology Faculty

  • Robin I. Autenrieth
  • E. Murl Bailey
  • A. Catherine Barr
  • Wesley Bissett, Jr.
  • Kung-Hui "Bella" Chu
  • Leslie H. Cizmas
  • Tam Garland
  • Roger B. Harvey
  • Thomas J. McDonald
  • Miguel Mora