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April 24

Daniel Arrieta, PhD

Staff Toxicologist, Product Safety Division, Chevron Phillips Chemical LLC

A Toxicologist's Perspective on Navigating Chemical Regulations like REACH

Seminar at 3:30 PM, 101B VENI

May 1

Stephania Cormier, PhD

Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, Global Partnerships and Scientific Director of Pediatric Asthsma Research, University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Exposure to Radical-Containing Particulates Alters    Respiratory Viral Infection Morbidity and Mortality
Seminar at 3:30 PM, 101B VENI

Aug. 31

Toxicology Regulatory Science Symposium       & Poster Session

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM, TIPS and VENI Buildings


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